Kuylaksiz 5 Court Hearing Friday 20th May 2011

Here we are at the beginning of the week that could change everything for the Kulaksiz 5.

On Friday of this week there will be a Hearing in the Girne District Court when the Advocate acting for Kulaksiz 5 will be asking the Judge to grant an Interim Injunction to stop Akfinans Bank Limited from selling any of the villas covered by the two Kocans for the land that they all stand on.

It is my understanding that this would be unnecessary in most countries because whilst legal action was taking place, normal procedure would mean that both sides would await the outcome of the action before doing anything. Not so here. In fact, it could be argued that Akfinans Bank must be aware of the final outcome here in the TRNC to be making some of the rather provocative moves we have all witnessed.

Akfinans Bank Limited have taken two of the villas by force. I won’t bore you yet again with the details as you, like me, must be getting a little tired of hearing them. Suffice to say, that had you or I acted in this way, we would be cooling our heels in a prison cell. To suggest that just because a villa has little or no furniture in it, but is locked and secured, that the villa has been abandoned and therefore the normal procedures of applying to the court for an eviction order can be dispensed with makes a mockery of law and order, but to enlist the help of the police in doing this, I leave you to decide what that makes the law look like.

This seems like the right time to remind you of the newspaper coverage of the antics of Akfinans Bank Limited, so I take this opportunity to remind you of how the RoC popular local newspaper Cyprus Mail dealt with the story of the break in at Eva McCluskey’s home. Remember, Eva had a dream of living in that villa with her husband, spending the rest of their lives in peace and tranquillity but sadly the stress of this situation exacerbated Eva’s husband’s medical condition and he died around Christmas time last year. Eva is now grief stricken and too ill to travel here. It seems somehow appropriate that this particular article appeared in the newspaper on the 1st April, however it was no joke. This is just one of a long line of tragedies brought about by the unfair and unjust way victims of the Property Scam here in North Cyprus have been treated.

We the victims are saying ‘we have had enough, we demand justice’. Let us see if Friday is the start of their gaining some justice. Anyone can show their support for all victims by being at the court on Friday 20th May 2011 at 10.30 am. Girne District Court rooms are small, and it is unlikely you will be able to sit in on the case, however just your presence there in goodly numbers will send a message to the right people.

This is not a protest, this is just an opportunity for ordinary decent people to show their support for 17 elderly frail pensioners who, unless a miracle happens, will lose their homes, their life’s savings and probably the will to continue living. May God look down on this court and in his infinite mercy stop this happening.

Keep the faith

Never give in, never give up.

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