666 – the 1st anniversary of Akfinan Bank’s “day of evil”

How many of you realise how perilously close we are to the first anniversary of the abomination that was the Auction of the homes of the Kulaksiz 5. Yes, it is almost one year to that date that should make the Judiciary, the Banks and most of all the Government of the TRNC hang their heads in shame. June the 6th 2010, the 66th anniversary of the Normandy landings ‘D Day’, a date forever etched in the memories of all the brave men and women who fought for freedom, so that this World could be free from tyranny and oppression.

Ironically, amongst the numbers in Kulaksiz 5 is a veteran of that war, a man who is now 88 years old, a man who bravely flew spitfires during that conflict and who now, in the twilight of his life, stands to lose his home. A man who fought against tyranny and oppression is now , if there is no intervention, about to become a victim of the very things he fought against. He, along with 16 other elderly, frail and vulnerable ex-pat pensioners are to be made homeless to satisfy the greed of an uncaring, heartless Bank.

If you will cast your minds back to this time last year, I had begun a countdown to the very Auction we all thought would never be allowed in a country that bemoans its isolation and accuses the World of abusing its Human Rights. I do not disagree with this. The TRNC should be recognised, it should be allowed to stand alongside the rest of the World as an equal. I certainly think it would enhance its case for doing so if it righted this terrible wrong and were to show the World it is ready to join them. However, it does its cause little good to allow the continuation of the violation of the Human Rights of each and every Property Scam Victim to continue.

Human Rights are a two way street. You cannot demand yours whilst taking them away from others. To get you have to give.

That what is happening to the Kulaksiz 5 is wrong is a given. That what is happening the TRNC is wrong is a given. Two wrongs do not make a right. TRNC, you have it within your power to right one of these wrongs immediately. Are you prepared to do it? By doing so you will show the World you are ready to join them.

June 6th – 66th Anniversary of the Normandy landings – that this date should carry three 6’s is almost uncanny; 666 a day of true evil.

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