Kulaksiz v Akfinans Bank Hearing at Girne District Court on Thursday 26th May 2011 at 2pm

Regular readers of North Cyprus Free Press, Cyprus 44 and Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group will be aware that there is a Hearing at Girne District Court on Thursday 26th May 2011 at 2.00 p.m. You will also be aware that supporters have been told they will be welcome – supporters, not protesters. This is intended to be a dignified show of sympathy and unity with all the victims from Kulaksiz 5; in other words, friends and other property victims who have become friends, joining together to give support and comfort to one another.

It has been made abundantly clear in all the above mediums that we do not want any form of protest, not just because as foreigners we are not allowed to protest but because a Court is a place where Justice takes place and most certainly not an appropriate venue for anything other than good friends showing Kulaksiz 5 that they care.

You may wonder why I am labouring this point, especially after the good natured and friendly support you all gave us on Friday of last week at the same Court. Well, I am afraid it is necessary. I have just had a ‘phone call from Kyrenia Police asking what is going to happen on Thursday at the Court. I was asked how many people will be there and did we intend to go on from the Court to Akfinans Bank Limited. I have no doubt in my mind that the call was made at the instigation of the Bank, especially when you bear in mind that there was a mention by the police officer of us possibly proceeding to the Bank from the Court.

This will not happen, and not because I know I would be pseudo arrested again, but because it would not be right and it would be counterproductive. The people who work at Akfinans Bank Limited have done Kulaksiz 5 no harm, why then would we want to annoy and possibly cause them anxiety? They are just people doing their jobs.

It does however speak volumes about the fact that everything I write is scrutinised by someone and indeed the police officer confirmed he was at the court on Friday last. I know he will be at the court on Thursday because he said he would see me there.

If you do intend to come to support K5 on Thursday, please be aware we are being watched. This is not a protest and we do not want any trouble. We already have the moral high ground so let us keep it that way.

Anna, do tell your father this prickly pear has been pricking them yet again, it will make him laugh and laughter is a good medicine.

Pauline Read Chartered Institute of Journalists




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