Kulaksiz 5’s Triple Whammy

Some purchasers have problems with mortgages being placed on their property after signing contracts and paying over their money.

Some purchasers find that they do not have a mains water supply connected even though the Contract promised this.

Some purchasers find they are on builder’s rate electricity rather than the domestic rate promised in their contract because the builder failed to complete the electric project.

Kulaksiz 5 unfortunately had the triple whammy. The water situation was rectified after a year and three months, but even then the pressure was so poor that I used to spend two to three hours carrying watering cans from the tap at the gate to the water tank because the water hadn’t the energy to crawl the distance needed to climb into the tank. At my age disgusting, but I must say it kept me fit.

It is the lack of mains water and builder’s electricity that can and must be addressed. The local councils are punishing the purchasers for the fault of the builders, often long gone. This is totally unacceptable and the government has to address this situation. It is easily solved if the will is there. Tankered water is too expensive for normal domestic use.

With regard to builder’s rate electricity. The current (sorry) rate of 0.79TL per unit against the normal rate of 0.30TL per unit is clearly unfair. KibTek must have been given the ‘red light’ (sorry again) by the government to do this and again the poor purchaser is being punished for the sins of the builder. The supply is there, it costs exactly the same to generate it. The government must insist that all domestic electricity is charged at the same rate.

I am not saying that just happens to the ex pats, we know of instances where it is happening to Turkish Cypriots too. It cannot continue if the TRNC’s property market is to survive.

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