North Cyprus 23% more expensive than Turkey

Consumers in North Cyprus pay 22.68%  more than Turkey, on average, for goods and services. This is based on a survey of 521 goods and services in Turkey and North Cyprus in March 2010. However, prices were lower in North Cyprus for alcoholic drinks and tobacco, communications and education.
Imported items, e.g. furniture, were more expensive than in Turkey because of higher import taxes. Health services cost more, on average 36% more expensive in North Cyprus, e.g.  the price of a caesarean birth which costs, on average, 1,754TL in a private hospital in Turkey and 3,442TL in North Cyprus. Fuel was notably higher in Turkey with 1litre costing on average 3.75TL  compared to 1.90TL in North Cyprus.
In the past it always felt that Turkey was much cheaper than North Cyprus but what has happened recently is that with the Euro strengthening, increased Turkish tourism has pushed up prices in the coastal areas of Turkey. At the same time various factors have made prices a little more competitive in North Cyprus.
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