Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Next Court Date | 18 December 2012


So the appearance today at Girne District Court took place as scheduled and as the sports pundits would say, it was a game of two halves.

First half we duly present ourselves in court, some of the Bank family being there too. Their assistant advocate was there for the first half and eventually a representative for the K5 arrived and asked for a short delay so the assistant to Boysan Boyra could be there too. After a recess the court convened again for the second half but his time Akan Kursat the main man for the Bank appeared as did our assistant to Boysan Boyra. From the amount of talking done by both sides it soon became obvious this was a lot more than asking for adjournment and a new date.

It seems that an amendment to the K5 case was put in by the K5 Advocate, for which the K5 members had to pay the opposing side for the delay and inconvenience to them, which I am told is standard procedure. The Bank had submitted their answer to the amendment and the K5 Advocates were asking for some of this answer to the amended case to be struck out. Before this can happen the judge needs to hear both sides on this issue and make a decision.

My presence in court was duly noted.

The 18th December is the date for the Judge to listen to both sides on this matter. This is not the main case, just setting up all the paperwork ready for the main case, in other words, both sides are getting all their ducks in a row ready for the big event.

My Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, who had arranged to meet me to file our intention to defend against the most recent Writ from the bank at the Girne court office, stayed to listen to the proceedings.

Because this is an ongoing case, it would not be prudent to give more information at this stage.

Tuesday 18th December Girne District Court is the date for the next appearance an early start, 8.30 am.

You Could Not Make It Up


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