Kulaksiz 5 -v-Akfinans Bank Limited, Tuesday 14th June, 10am at Girne District Court

This is a ‘buy one get one free offer’ article this morning.

I would like to remind everyone that the continuance of the Court hearing, Kulaksiz 5 -v-Akfinans Bank Limited, is tomorrow; Tuesday 14th June at Girne District Court with the estimated start time of 11.00 a.m. Experience has taught us all that start times here are a movable feast. My understanding is that K5 may have another witness to give evidence. I do not know if Akfinans Bank Limited will be presenting witnesses.

Your support is always welcome and tomorrow will be no exception. Please remember, peaceful support speaks volumes, words and actions are unnecessary. We leave the violence and spite to the opposition. I am still reeling from seeing the new occupant of MY villa sitting reading a newspaper on my patio. That particular scene hurt me more than I can put into words and perhaps rammed home to me that the villa is gone forever. There are those who will say, ‘ah but you won your Breach of Contract action so you will eventually receive your court award’. Will I, does anyone really have confidence in the system here? It seems I am not expected to have feelings, I am expected to forget the plans and dreams that Agile and I shared when we first moved into 5 Democrasi Sokak, on the Kulaksiz 5 site.

I have no confidence in the legal system here and that is the very reason I campaign so vociferously for change. That is the reason I joined my fellow K5’ers in their struggle, but even they seem to believe it is okay to steal my villa because I won the Breach of Contract action. I reported the attempt to run down Agile at my villa, even submitted a witness statement, but am still waiting for the police to report back on their ‘investigation.’ It will be a year since the incident on the 30th July 2010, a year since Akfinans broke into my villa and criminally repossessed it, a year since they tried to run Agile down. The wonderful Founding President, Mr Rauf Denktaş intervened with the Police and the Attorney General but even he was treated with the same contempt all the victims are treated with.

I would like to invite the Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad to follow the example of Embargoed! and come out and publicly support the STOP THE BLACKMAIL IN NORTH CYPRUS Facebook group. Our aims do not conflict with either of these worthy groups. We all want a healthy vibrant TRNC, free from corruption, recognised by the WORLD, accepted as an equal. Sadly, it seems we must heal all the ills before this can happen. I call on all such groups, join us, support us, our aims are identical. Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus. We are all pro-TRNC all anti-blackmail and anti-corruption.

Long live the TRNC!

Never give in, never give up.

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