Is it time for a street party in Democrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka?

As has become their habit, the Kaders were using my villa this weekend for their much needed weekend sojourn. One of the K5 observed that a little celebration was occurring with a police car blocking the corner, the occupant(s) allegedly visiting the Kaders.

It seemed that this slight hazard on the corner caused the only two people who have allegedly done some sort of a deal with the Bank to stop. The police left but Andrew (known as Jel) and Jo Clarke who had alighted from their car, presumably because of the hazard, were observed laughing and joking with the Kaders. This was just too much for the K5 member and he said words to the effect, ‘why are you laughing with those people, they wanted to make you homeless’. The reply from Jel Clarke is allegedly to the effect, do you mind I am trying to have a conversation. The K5 member walked away totally disgusted with them.

Now one can easily understand their deciding to pay the Bank off, but in light of what happened yesterday one has to wonder, just how much? Take into account also that their Advocate, by their admission, is related to the Kader family.

Sensitivity to the situation their neighbours are in obviously does not enter their consciousness. They are relatively young compared with all the other K5 members. They are aware of how my villa was seized, yet they choose to treat the perpetrators of this outrage as friends. They cannot be unaware of the break in and seizure of Eva McClukey’s villa as they live opposite, yet they choose again to treat the perpetrators as friends.

Now let us look at the Police making a nice social visit to my villa to see the Kaders. Does it strike you as a little cosy, since there was no obvious incident there; indeed the police had left before the K5 member confronted Mr Clarke. Is it coincidental that two members of K5 were called to Girne Police Station this week to give statements about the break in that gave them the opportunity to use my villa as their own? Why do they get house visits when demands are made of the K5 to attend a Police Station? Am I being paranoid or are the Kaders receiving information that perhaps they should not? Not accusing, just asking.

Perhaps the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group should organise a street party event in Democrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka next Saturday night? A little group bonding perhaps? Relax Mr Kursat, relax Kader family, relax Jo and Jel, relax Lapta Police, it is a joke. none of you are worth getting into trouble for, even though to stop us would be infringing our Human Rights.

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