In days of old when the press were bold, and banks were not indicted

Before the K5 auction, and for months after the Kulaksiz 5 were never out of the press, I gave an interview to Yeniduzen that covered several pages.

A Bank had threatened the newspaper with writs using the 2001 banking law; the law brought in after the collapse of some TRNC Banks. My understanding is that this law prohibits anyone verbally or in writing saying anything that could create a lack of confidence in the Banking sector and perhaps in some way undermine the system. That is fair enough, unless of course the very Bank using this law is perhaps the only entity causing any ripples through its high handed use of the law which, in my opinion, was not put on the statute books for their purpose.

When the media in a country the size of the TRNC are allegedly unable or unwilling to take the risk of offending a Bank by reporting the facts, then in my opinion it smacks of censorship.

I have a box full of press cuttings and articles taken from the time when the media had teeth. Here are a couple to remind you. For those who think the media silence means the problems are resolved, think again. They are multiplying daily.

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