The Case of the Duplicate Witness

I debated on whether this merited a blog or perhaps just a post under the last article I wrote on the same subject – blog won.

I have been telling you of my many strange phone calls from Girne Police requesting the phone numbers of my neighbours. The reason they needed these have changed with every phone call. However, it was eventually revealed to yet another of my neighbours that the reason they needed them was to take witness statements about the alleged criminal act of breaking and entering into my villa and the attempted vehicular attack on my partner. You really have to marvel at the speed with which the Police act here, the crime took place on the 30th July 2010 and today the date is the 24th June 2011.

My neighbours did attend the Police Station on Tuesday 21st June at 11.10 a.m. (3 days ago) to give their statements. The Police sent them away, they were too busy. My neighbours left their phone numbers at the desk at Girne Police Station. On Wednesday, I receive yet another phone call, I won’t bore you with the details as I did put them in a post under my previous article on the same subject, suffice to say I gave the officer both numbers for my neighbours and told them to get on with it. Now at this point I think it pertinent to point out that one of my neighbours had already given a full witness statement (after the police were pushed by Mr Rauf Denktaş) on the 11th August 2010. I can hear you all yawning, but I promise you it does get better.

My neighbours presented themselves at Girne Police Station yesterday and one managed to give what was a new statement, but the other whose first name is David, noticed that indeed on the desk was his statement from the 11th August 2010. Now, here comes the funny part, the Police had been told his name was Dave and had not realised that Dave is the shortened version of David. Explanations were made and my neighbours departed. The end, no don’t be silly.

On his way home, hot tired and somewhat fed up, Dave or David (take your pick) received a phone call from the Police, could he return to Girne Police Station? Dave aka David refused, he was hot and tired. He was asked where he was and he told them he was just going through Lapta. It was then suggested he go to Lapta Police Station and so he complied with that request. The reason, allegedly, was that he had to give a statement to the effect that Dave is the shortened version of David and that he was indeed one and the same person.

The reason for the sudden renewed interest in this case, which I will admit I had given up on, is allegedly Mr Denktaş’ interest in it. Now we all know Mr Denktaş has been far too ill to be pursuing it recently. I do know he had written to the Attorney General many months ago.

Now forgive me if I am sceptical. Both my partner and myself have been threatened with arrest if we even set foot  on the garden of the villa I still claim to be in my possession until the courts tells me differently; not Akfinans and not the Police. I was forced to go to Lapta Police Station in the company of Ipek Ozerim for ‘ten minutes’ which stretched into three hours when failure to do so would, in the words of the Police officer, result in my arrest. Why? Because it was thought by Akfinans Bank that I was trying to take photos of them and my own villa, both false allegations.

The fact that the Police appear to have been complicit in Akfinans’ intimidation of me is a fact I cannot escape. I can be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that when Akfinans says ‘jump’ the Police say ‘how high?’. How now can I ever trust them?

I have deliberately omitted any mention of the content of the statements made by my neighbours other than the clarification of the Dave/David situation. In the case of Dave/David, I do know because I was sat next to him when he made it on the 11th August 2010 and at the insistence of our wonderful Mr Rauf Denktaş.

I am angry, I am confused and I am deeply suspicious of the motives behind this renewed interest. Mostly I am concerned at the real instigator of this resurrection. Do you blame me?

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