Geoff Day’s 49th TRNC court appearance and still no judgement!

Geoff Day

Today’s hearing scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m. got under way at 11.10 a.m. More photos were produced reaffirming just how bad workmanship carried out on Mary and Geoff’s had been and the unfinished state it is in to this day.

Geoff demonstrated that he had made every effort to resolve the dispute and despite a letter from the builder demanding £24,000 plus 18% interest, Mary and Geoff still did everything humanly possible to achieve an end to their nightmare. Meeting after meeting took place. At one such meeting attended by all parties and overseen by government lawyers it was mutually agreed that Geoff would draw two cheques each for roughly half the value of the outstanding work. The first cheque i.e. £8000 to be handed over and the second to held by the government lawyers and paid upon satisfactory completion of all the work. Geoff honoured his side of the bargain and drew the two cheques from his bank. The next planned meeting at the government offices, where the cheques were to be distributed, the builder did not attend, thus showing his bad faith yet again. The matter was therefore unable to be resolved and no fault for this can be attributed to Geoff and Mary.

Another meeting was held at the now Advocates office and was attended by all parties. The proposal was that a suitably qualified surveyor would carry out an examination of Geoff and Mary’s home, with a view to the work being finished, the builder would provide the drawings to enable the surveyor to do his job. Now it is very important that you note the date of this meeting, 27th May 2008. Mary and Geoff left for a trip to the U.K. on the 1st June 2008 and on their return they were arrested and eventually charged with theft. In my book, there is no such thing as coincidence, this, in my opinion was a carefully planned and cunningly executed plan carried out by the builder who is quite obviously devoid of any honour or conscience. Consider this; Geoff and Mary have a Contract of Sale with a penalty clause of £500 per month for late completion. Even allowing for the grace period in the Contract the latest date for completion was February 2006. To date their home is not complete, therefore they are due 54 months x £500 = £27,000.00 in compensation.

The court has seen the Contract and still they allow this farce of the alleged theft to continue. Geoff accounted very well and totally believably for every item he is accused of stealing. The total value of all the items is minimal. Geoff does not have receipts (faturas) and how many of us can honestly say that whenever we bought D.I.Y. items from the Yapi market we were offered or demanded receipts. It just isn’t the culture here. He does have a receipt for the 27 pieces of wood he bought from Strong Sheds, but the court will not accept it because it is not an official fatura. The 27 pieces of wood were in plain view for all to see in Geoff’s garden. Surely a thief would have hidden it away. The 27 pieces of wood the builder describes as used but was clearly new. The 27 pieces of wood on plain show during the 3 weeks Geoff and Mary were away so that the builder had ample time to enter the garden and count them – 27 for goodness sake, how precise, why not 25 or 30. It is 27 because that is what Geoff estimated he needed and purchased, it is as simple as that. There are other equally unbelievable allegations of theft and don,t forget, three weeks is a long time for someone to go round your garden and attempt to set you up.

Now we get to the reason the case was adjourned again today. Geoff is accused of stealing six firebricks – why six, because that is the number Geoff purchased to put on the barbecue he is about to construct. Much was made of it being exactly six, so much that the Judge needs a picture of a neighbour’s already built barbecue so that the number of firebricks used can be counted. Six sounds about right to me, but hey I am only a girlie, what would I know.

Geoff makes his 50th appearance at Girne District Court tomorrow at 10.30 a.m. (TRNC time.) There is a moral to this story – if you do any D.I.Y. work, insist on an official fatura – if the builder leaves anything in your garden, move it outside and email telling him to collect it. You never know when something like this could happen to you. Keep all faturas and copies of all e mails/letters to your builder.

You Couldn’t Make It Up.

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