Geof & Mary Day – “the legal profession are the only winners”

For those of you who remember the horror that was the malicious prosecution of Geoff Day by his builder Recaioglu and the 65 court appearances made by Geoff to answer the totally bogus allegations made by this vindictive builder. We all remember with joy when Geoff was found not guilty on all charges. We all celebrated when Geoff and Mary also won their civil case in the same week, allegedly being awarded their money back and £200,000 in compensation.

The joy in Geoff’s exoneration cannot be taken away from them. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their win in the civil case. Recaioglu appealed the decision given by Girne District court and unbelievably managed to have the judgement set aside. The reason, it is believed, was because Geoff and Mary were not present in court during the appeal. They had been told they did not need to be. One has to ask, under the very special circumstances, why was it not just an adjournment? It seems that the case will have to be started all over again.

The legal profession are the only winners. Again, MORE stress and MORE fees.

Here we have a man who had his passport confiscated by the authorities for 2 years and 3 months so he could not leave the island whilst his criminal case was being heard. He was found not guilty having effectively served 2 years and 3 months under house arrest. How can this injustice be allowed? All of Geoff and Mary’s supporters were so thrilled at their winning their civil case. At last we thought there was some form of Justice in the TRNC but how wrong we were.

Geoff and Mary are now in the UK sharing some quality time with their families. Catching up with grandchildren Geoff had not seen for so long. How can anything compensate for the time he lost in witnessing their growing and all the important milestones in a child’s life? Sadly, Geoff is now suffering from extremely high blood pressure so is unable to travel. It would seem Mary may have to bear the new burden alone. Let us not forget that Mary has a heart condition and has already had a heart attack. Is there no compassion in the TRNC? Will this couple’s torture never stop?

I had my laptop confiscated because of my reporting of Geoff’s criminal case and the prosecution refuse to return it, stating it is evidence for when I am prosecuted. My so called offence took place in October 2010; my laptop was taken by four police officers who descended on my home.

It seems that compassion and pity is in very short supply in the TRNC, your age and state of health totally disregarded.

It is time the people of the TRNC were made fully aware of the action taken in their name.

Join the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. Together we will make a difference.

Never give up, never give in.


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