National Farmers’ Union asks TRNC, why can’t we have our tractors back?

Tractors stolen from farms in the Cotswolds have turned up in Northern Cyprus and they won’t give them back!

National Farmers’ Union investigators traced one £20,000 vehicle to a compound containing several other tractors stolen by an organised gang, but the owners now face a battle to retrieve them. One victim of the crimes was reported as saying that “it seems some countries are reluctant to help.”

The TRNC condoning theft you say, that cannot be right! You’ll be telling us that there are homes, laptops and life’s savings involved as well. No I won’t believe that!

Now, some would say that Brits who are thinking of buying property in North Cyprus and bringing all there worldly goods with them to live here should perhaps follow the story of these farmers and see how they fare before committing themselves to such a move.

Source: Daily Mirror – 18/06/2011

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