Gary Robb’s extradition – more questions than answers

Having spent this morning visiting the RoC on business,  I took the opportunity of buying the Cyprus Mail newspaper.  I had  received advance notice that it would contain the Gary Robb story (so far). It is a sad situation which reflects badly on so many.  The if onlys are never ending.  The sad reality is that yet again the TRNC have allowed themselves to be pushed into corner through some bad decisions in the past.

Whatever were they thinking of to allow Citizenship to  a man they knew had jumped bail in the UK?  To compound this bad decision, they allowed him to form the company Aga Development Limited and he certainly wasn’t short of willing helpers in that endeavour.  The ongoing Aga Saga would make a best selling novel, with the story littered with the disillusioned, disheartened and eventually disabused purchasers from this travesty of a Company.

Did Gary Robb actually ever pay anyone for Amaranta Valley? This is a genuine question, I really would like to know? In other words, did Aga Development Limited ever pay anyone for the land they built on?  Do we have any idea who the alleged Greek Cypriot owners are?  Were the relevant permissions obtained to build? If European Arrest Warrants were in the system as far back as 2005, are they the same ones being enacted now? Are the charges the same, or have more been added?

The problems had become apparent as far back as 2005, but I would lay even money on the fact that not one of the purchasers were made aware of these problems.  Would even one villa have been sold if a prospective purchasers had known that the key personnel in Aga Development had European Arrest Warrants  issued against them?

The Advocate acting for the purchasers could not have been unaware and, yet again, I would lay even money that the Advocate acting for a purchaser did not tell their client. My understanding is that Talat Kursat allegedly acted for some of the purchasers, now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t he the father of Akan Kursat, who is one of the two shareholders and allegedly one of the three men named on the charge sheet with regard to the EAW. Would that constitute a conflict of interest and shouldn’t  Mr. Kursat Snr. have made the client aware of that conflict?

It is now academic since the proverbial excrement hit the fan a long time ago.  The unfortunate victims, some of whom parted with their money as long as 8 years ago have become almost resigned to the fact that the TRNC Government are not going to intervene.  The promises made by them have been broken over and over again.

As I said, I did pick up a copy of today’s Cyprus Mail and have attached a copy of page 1 and page 3 for your perusal. It is just the beginning and I think we are going to see these names in the RoC media and maybe the world media a lot over the coming months and years.

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