Gary Robb – BBC1 Journalist invited to film results of “plump parasite’s plundering”

North Cyprus Property VictimsAs far back as January 2003 interest was being shown in the presence of Gary Robb in Northern Cyprus by the British media. Sadly by the TRNC Government too, who at that time seemed to have accepted his presence as some sort of blessing, albeit he was allegedly known to be a felon on the run from British Justice on a drugs related offence.  It is common knowledge that the TRNC authorities went on to grant this known felon Citizenship.

Paul Kenyon, a BBC1 investigative journalist came to North Cyprus at that time to gather material for his BBC1 TV programme ‘Paul Kenyon Confronts’.  Here the story gets interesting.  Mr Kenyon apparently thought Mr Robb was doing legitimate business and running a Building Company.  Oh dear, no wonder this chubby charmer went on to fool so many purchasers.

Mr Kenyon, I would like you to return to North Cyprus now and see the misery that followed after Mr Robb’s ‘legitimate’ Building Company folded due to the fact that it was  run into the ground.  I would like you to meet all the victims of the plump  parasite’s plundering. Robb is a man who attracts like minded people and in Aga Development Limited he certainly did that.  Greedy Turkish Cypriots joined him and together they relieved over 400 people, local people and foreigners’ of their life’s savings, their hopes and their dreams.  Many found the stress so great it contributed to their premature deaths, many had to return to the UK poorer but wiser.   Some did stay on and now watch the spectre of Robb’s greedy partners in his his building scams trying to repossess their land through Auctions.

The fault must lie with the authorities here who knowingly allowed this man citizenship and allowed this man to form a Building Company, then sat back watching the misery heaped on his victims and year after year have done nothing.

In every civilised country felons convicted of drug related offences are stripped of their ill gotten gains.   The Government here could easily seize all assets of Gary Robb and his family, including his family home, sell these assets at a fair market price, set up a fund and compensate each and every victim of  Gary Robb and Aga Development Limited.

Does North Cyprus really want the label of being a safe haven for criminals on the run?   I do not think so.  I personally love this country, its people and its traditions. I know the Turkish Cypriot people do not want their country contaminated by the dishonest, the crooked and the criminal.  As a British subject, I am ashamed of what this man has done in my adopted country and to my adopted country.

After spending time in one of her Majesty’s prisons and now incarcerated in an RoC prison, will our felonious fiend still be carrying his extra pounds?  Interesting comment in 2003 by a Police official that he did not recognise Robb because of the extra weight he was carrying,  put down to ‘good’ living.   Has this man ever done anything GOOD in his life?

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