in Cyprus Today – 23/11/2011

Very little worth reporting except this:

Curfew to be enforced for national count – a 13 hour curfew will be enforced on December 4th, from 5am-6pm despite the census not starting until 8am. If you have to go to work you’ll need a special pass and if you are an independent traveller returning home that day you’ll have to spend part of your holiday chasing up the documentation needed to travel to the airport. Or else, if you’re here on holiday that day, you’ll have to stay in your hotel. To add to the confusion, it’s not sure if taxis and buses will be running. As this is an address based census, illegal immigrants living in temporary shelters or half-built homes will not be counted and this, according to some, defeats one of the reasons for the census; to find illegal immigrants.

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