Campbell Thomas finally receives the recognition he deserves

“Despite being assured by the Chartered Institute of Journalists that none of their members would publicly expose Pauline Read’s expulsion from the Union, Mr. Thomas has gone to great lengths through spiteful comment and innuendo to provoke a reaction from her. They made this commitment to her when on expulsion she told them quite frankly that she felt they were taking her security blanket away from her.

Of course he knew she had been expelled. How did he know? Because he reported her for breach copyright on his photo taken with Sener Levent in his office at the newspaper AFRIKA Gazetesi, Lefkosa. Mr Levent is well known for his ‘no holds barred’ style of publishing. In addition to this CIOJ said she was not a professional journalist, that she wrote on North Cyprus Free Press and that she had only taken membership as a form of protection from arrest and harassment by the police in the TRNC. This is perfectly true and why it should be an issue, was not explained. Why they were so surprised she was not a professional journalist is a mystery, she referred them to her blogs on North Cyprus Free Press when she joined CIOJ. Now I cannot imagine that other CIOJ members have time to read our online publication, but we all know Mr Thomas under the guise of Pte Pike does so and, in my opinion, all the complaints came from the same source.

You have to ask yourself, why does this person feel so threatened by a 67 year blogger? In his spite, he has exposed a very brave lady. We all know she never presented any sort of threat to his livelihood. Shame on you Campbell Thomas.”


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