Pauline Read not to go public over recent events

Last night I telephoned Pauline Read to ask about the alarming posts I had been reading on Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook page.

She assured me that both she and Pembe were safe for now. She did give me details of what had happened but asked that I not go to public for fear of their other enemies joining forces and making their lives even more eventful. Pauline was very matter of fact when explaining that due to her constant campaign against Talat Kursat and the success she and Pembe have had, they have many who try to divide and conquer them but since they appear to be joined at the hip, many can try, none will succeed. When I explained this analogy to Pauline, she laughed and said, since there is a considerable difference in height, it would be her breast joined to Pembe’s hip. In the midst of all that is happening, she retains her sense of humour.

Pauline went on to explain that Pembe is her fellow Admin, along with three others, on Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus and also a committee member. They have been endeavouring to find a place to be able to speak with victims in North Cyprus in confidence and safety. Pembe has to make a living as she has given up her job to concentrate full time on the venture. Pauline tells me that she will give her time and effort as a Volunteer and will not under any circumstances be taking an income or any money from the venture. Pembe will be doing other things within the office to generate an income. Very shortly it will be unveiled and then they expect the attacks to multiply. It seems that the truth is a commodity the enemies of free speech wish to extinguish in North Cyprus.

Pauline also told me mine was not the first call she’d had and I had not woken her. She said she was locked in the arms of Morpheus earlier, in a deep chemically induced sleep when the phone woke her. It was one her good friends from ABAG, they too had been monitoring posts from both Pembe and Pauline during the day on Stop the Blackmail. She was overjoyed at their court success and gave Pauline much more information. Although Pauline did share much of this with me, I agreed to keep this for a later story. Pauline said that on one thing both she and ABAG were agreed Talat KURSAT should go down. Pauline also said the old saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ truly applies to her and Kursat, she said “Akan baby, is only ever a WRIT away”.

Keep your sense of humour Pauline, Akfinans Bank Limited and Akan Kursat mean to try to take everything else you have

ABAG girls really do achieve, well done. As Pauline would say, never give in, never give up.

Final observation, the membership of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group is 1810, well done to all the members and very big mention to the originator John Good, without whom the group would not exist. POWER TO YOUR ELBOW JOHN – POWER TO THE PEOPLE.


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