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How you view the former boss of Polly Peck International, who now is incarcerated in one of Her Majesty’s prison in the UK having been found guilty on ten charges of theft, depends in the main on how you see him. Saint or sinner. The post mortem on the trial will continue I suspect until the Appeal has been heard and the verdict given. Maybe even longer.

In the TRNC the politicians of the present Government are coming out in his support and certainly they feel the trial in the UK and the actions of the SFO are seriously flawed.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that the TRNC knew he had fled the UK in 1993 to escape trial and the charges that were then being levelled at him in 1993 and he was given sanctuary in his country. Since 1993, and until 2010 when he VOLUNTARILY returned to the UK to face trial, Mr Nadir made huge contributions to the the TRNC and is in the main, still a very popular man amongst his fellow Turkish Cypriots. Many see his being found guilty as part of a larger conspiracy against him choreographed by the RoC but with the collusion of the rest of the world.

Time for a reality check. Mr Nadir, of his own free will, if the conspiracy theory is to be believed, caused his own demise by returning to the UK. It is obvious that if he had stayed in the TRNC he would not now be languishing in a UK jail. I use the word languishing advisedly, the reality is money buys privilege, especially in prison and even now he will be faring a lot better than the average prisoner.

Mr Nadir has received the full support of the present Government in the TRNC and in the main the comments being published are full of praise and support for Mr. Nadir.

His former employee, and the current Finance Minister Mr Ersin Tatar, speaks of his former boss in glowing terms. Mr Tatar talks of the employment generated in the TRNC by Mr Nadir, his charisma, his unchallengability, how the UK caused a cloud over Nadir at the time of PPI collapse and how that cloud had a devastating effect.

The fact that in Mr Tatar’s opinion Mr Nadir could not be challenged rather throws cold water on his previous claim that the demise of PPI was caused by his following bad advice.

A man with such a strong character would perhaps listen to lots of different advice and then make up his own mind what to do, or perhaps I have got that wrong?

Clearly Mr Tatar was not questioned in this article about his part in the drama or how the prosecution detailed the torn up paying in slips, that when reassembled did in fact give details of money movement from a UK bank to a Turkish Bank allegedly owned by Mr Nadir.

I do not doubt that UK justice can be flawed sometimes, although in this instance I think they got it right. The man did the crime and now he will do the time, unless of course the Appeal determines otherwise.

Mr Nadir is not and never will be Mandela as his wife allegedly claimed. Mr Mandela ranks amongst the great men of this world, Mr Nadir although striking and perhaps memorable is just a man.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith’s Opinion

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