Popular Science News | English Language Originated in Turkey

Popular Science News Рaccording to recent research based on the spread of virus epidemics, English Language originated in Turkey. The idea is that word changes over time are similar to the way that viruses change as they move across the world. Epidemiologists can trace the source of an epidemic like bird flu back to its source. Using the same process Prof Colin Renfrew (now Lord Renfrew) Рsuggests an origin in the Anatolian region of Turkey about 3,000 years earlier than The Steppes theorists hold that the proto-language originated in the Steppes of Russia, north of the Caspian Sea, about 5,000 years ago.

All they need to do now is find an 8000 year old recording of Anatolians speaking and the theory will be confirmed. So what happened to start language off and what were the first words? “I say old chap, can you stop grunting like an ape, I really can’t understand what you’re say.”


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