“Does the present regime in the TRNC keep its word over anything?

You have to ask, does the present regime in the TRNC keep its word over anything?

Pembe and I together with the victims met with the senior official of the Ministry of the Interior when he actioned the postponement of the Auction on the Karmi/Robb properties/land set for the 27th November 2011. The decision to postpone the auction was, we were told, to enable a solution to the problem of the auction of innocent victims’ properties to be found. We were told many options were being looked at, even perhaps compulsory purchase of the land by the Government. Once again we find that this was just words. I was even encouraged to make an application to the Resolution Committee which I was assured had existed since the implementation of the Estate Agents law which came into force in 2008. I even made a application myself as a victim of Akfinans Bank Limited. To do so I spent a considerable amount of money on translating both applications into Turkish.

Why, oh why does everyone keep lying to us. I personally consider that every time someone lies to me to be a supreme insult and I am just about sick of being insulted. What makes this insult worse is I am being insulted by the highest echelon in government here in the TRNC. Is there no-one of honour here?

Gary Robb is a thug and a thief. All of his cohorts named in the Judge’s decision as a result of the trial on the 7th 8th and 9th March 2012 in the High Court in the UK, are thugs and thieves. Many of those named live here in the TRNC and even call themselves Advocates. What is the Government going to do about this?

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