K5 update PLUS Gary Robb Karmi Site Auction 6th May 2012

As you might have guessed I did not attend the court hearing today but was well represented by Pembe Read and Chris Read.

Armed with my notepad and pencil, Pembe went into the court but there is not a lot to report to you. Pembe was told before they entered the court that the other side did not have an offer for the Kulaksiz 5 but did for someone called Clarke. Now could that be the third case I told you about, the one where the bank put on a mortgage after there was a contract already registered on, but what about all the other owners, my informants tell me there are five villas in total on this site.

So here is the news. On then 7th June 2012 at 10.30 a.m. the full trial will start. All sides agreed with the Judge Talat Usar that they did not want to loose time.

Well let us hope that the Bank and its legal team are genuine in this claim. I sometimes get the feeling they intend to outlive us.

A secret service policeman was observed as was the Bailiff. When it was obvious I was going to be a “no show” they lost interest and went away.

Some instinct made Pembe go into the coffee shop across the road. Her instincts were spot on. The Auction we got postponed, the Gary Robb Karmi site, is advertised for Auction yet again on the 6th May 2012. Get your voices lubricated and pencil this date in your diary. We are also going to visit those who made so many extravagant promise within the Ministry of the Interior and ask what the hell they are playing at. Thank God we have more time on this occasion.

Never give in never give up.

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