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“Cyprus Today

MPS Move to end Torment of Amaranta.
An amendment to the TRNC’s citizenship laws has been unanimously approved by Parliament, paving the way to a historic solution to one of the country’s thorniest property problems, possibly as early as September. The plan to end the decade-long ordeal of some 400 mainly expat buyers on Gary Robb’s unfinished Amaranta valley development was Exclusively revealed by Cyprus Today last July. It gives ministers conditional authority to take over land and property ownership from foreign national whoses citizenship is being or has been cancelled by the cabinet and to liquidate those properties should the former citizen fail to sell within six months. It gives priority in any sale to anyone with a contract to buy or anyone owed money in return for for goods or sevices provided to the former citizen. Unfinished constructions will be sold off – with priority to existing buyers, who will have money they have already paid deducted from the price – and any profits left after creditors are paid off will be handed over to origina , ex citizen owner. The move is designed to enable Amaranta homebuyers to receive the properties they invested in more than 10 years ago. Interior minister Mister Teburuken Ulucay told Cyprus Today they would begin action over Amaranta as soon as the amendment became law following presidential approval and publication in the Official Gazette, which he expected by next week. Once the first steps are taken, if there is no objection to the process we should start to solve the Amaranta problem by September. The amendment also gives those whose citizenship is cancelled the right to challenge the decision, with any liquidation process suspended until a court verdict. “

Oh dear, where is my coach and horses, I think they could run roughshod straight through this, it is so full of loopholes.

Conditional authority….oh dear.

So Robb(er) has six months to run riot and can if he chooses tie it all up in court for….ever?

“The amendment also gives those whose citizenship is cancelled the right to challenge the decision, with any liquidation process suspended until a court verdict. “

Priority to his creditors…does that include the Government?

Priority to existing buyers with contracts….

No mention of the multitude of memorandums.

No mention of the GC’s who were identified when the ROC successfully prosecuted and incarcerated the Robber. Do we think they intend to sit back and watch?

September maybe….but which year?

If Robb decides to take legal action to challenge the loss of his citizenship, you can only imagine which Advocate he will use and how long this will drag on.

Remember the Alamo

Remember Kulaksiz 5 in court since 2008 and still there with no end in sight.

Outliving us all is the real strategy here.

Pauine Read

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7 comments to Cyprus Today | Citizenship Bill To Become Law Next Week

  • Polly Marples

    I would love to see each and every purchaser of a Robb property get all their money back.

    I do not deal in fantasy. Too easy to colour this POSITIVE.

    You decide for yourself. I have just joined the dots and produced a more complete picture.

    For that I will be accused of being negative, I called it being realistic, some should try it.

  • Miltiades

    Senile fools in a fools …pseudo paradise. Serves you all right!

  • Polly Marples

    Mutley, you never ever disappoint.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  • cyprusishome

    You do not even have to read between the lines on this. The original buyers will get nowt!!!!!

    Even if the buyers were given their title deeds where are they going to get the money to rebuild their houses? They have none robber and his cohorts stole all their money 9/10 years ago.

    Once again, as is typical here, those to blame for this debacle are not being named and shamed let alone prosecuted.

  • Polly Marples

    Those to blame

    TRNC Government for giving/selling citizenship initially

    Gary John Robb….known felon and Director and main shareholder of Aga Development Limited.

    Akan Kursat….minority shareholder and facilitator of money movements commonly known as money laundering. Also Advocate.

  • Polly Marples

    Gary John Robb………..Director

    Kutsal Tokatioglu………Director

    Cafer Gurcafer…………..Director

    Mert Guclu……Director and Secretary

  • cyprusishome

    The TRNC government, whose PM at the time went on to be president!!!! Say no more!!