Why has Pauline Read been banned on Cyprus44?

I logged on to Cyprus 44 this morning only to find that I am temporarily banned, reason my email address is invalid. Now paranoia is really beginning to set in.  I joined Cyprus 44 using the exact self-same email address. I have posted on C44 countless times. I have introduced new topics. Is the real reason that they just want to shut me up?

Cyprus 44 is a useful forum. It meets a need for people to communicate with each other on a wide variety of subjects, some serious, some controversial, some just plain fun. Posters on C44 can be nice, sympathetic, again controversial, mean-spirited and sometimes so very funny. I have no problem which of these categories people come under. I am a great believer that everyone is entitled to their point of view, everyone has a voice, everyone is equal.

Why then, am I banned for having a Yahoo email address when a Gmail address seems to be acceptable for so many members? I made no secret of it when I joined, hell I used it when I joined, so I have to ask myself, is the moderator who banned me being petty? Why after so long is my email address not valid. Did someone deliberately pull up my email address? Did someone email in to ask the moderators to find a reason to be petty, especially this week when I predict the CORCHIDACTUS will bloom? Is this the week that dastardly things will happen on Kulaksiz 5?

I do not know this answer to these questions, but one thing is for sure. Someone is being petty and spiteful and if this is the only reason C44 could come up with to ban me, I am very disappointed in them.

I do hope someone starts a topic on the subject ‘Is it petty to ban pollymarples for an invalid email address or is there more to it?’

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