UEFA should act now!

racismI have now sent an email to UEFA at [email protected] complaining about the racism at the match, perhaps you would like to also send your comments to them and anywhere else the match is being discussed. A link back the the article here might show people exactly what is being talked about.


Our online newspaper is running a story about the blatant racist banners shown during SkySport’s airing of the APOEL v Chelsea match. In our eyes, the ‘Cyprus is Greek’ banners shown during the APOEL v Chelsea match are harking back to the events leading up to the 1974 attempted coup by the Greeks in Cyprus and to ALLOW these banners to be displayed shows elements in the Greek Cypriot government who want to provoke a violent reaction from Turkish Cypriots and from Turkey. It is a racist statement which infers that Turkish Cypriots are foreigners in Cyprus and to widely distribute the message around the world could cause a backlash. In the light of the $2.5m fine imposed on Turkey for allowing TRNC’s President Talat to present a cup to the Formula 1 winners, I feel that a similar fine should be meted out to the Greek Cypriot government who seem to be condoning this display of racism during the sensitive unification negotiations now taking place in Cyprus.”

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