Embargoed! contacting UEFA and Mary Honeyball MEP

Untitled-1Embargoed! will be writing to UEFA to complain in the strongest terms possible about the blatantly open zenophobic behaviour of the Apoel Nicosia/Greek Cypriot fans who were allowed by stadium officials to show very prominently a huge flag at the Champions League match last night, which stated “CYPRUS IS GREEK”.   Given the especially sensitive time surrounding the ongoing talks between the two Cypriot leaders I would normally say this would beggar belief that such an offensive and openly racist banner is allowed to be displayed on global TV. However, things can hardly be labelled normal!!   I am calling on the lobbyists among us to again round on Mary Honeyball MEP. She has recently promoted the Friends of [Greek] Cyprus report and in her comments she is constantly mis-representing the true picture of Cyprus in terms of the political picture. I have left a submission on her blog, which you can reach by clicking on HERE I have left the following comment, which is awaiting approval:

So many people are showing an interest in Cyprus and we all share hope and aspirations that one day the island’s problems will be resolved. However, I am deeply concerned that people such as yourself continue to show a truly unreflective picture of the situation. A recently leaked UN- report fiercely criticised the Greek Cypriot leadership as being the main barrier to a solution to the island – not Turkey or the Turkish Cypriots.

We have recently seen the petulant display by Demetrious Christofias at the UN gathering in New York where his comments towards Mehmet Alit Talat and Recep Erdogan can only be described as deeply offensive and hardly conducive to wanting two sides to come together. I am not sure where you are getting your statistics from, but in an article posted in the Cyprus Mail yesterday, it highlighted a draft ICG [International Crisis Group]  report where only 23% of Greek Cypriots and 41% of Turkish Cypriots are leaning towards a ‘YES’ vote in any referendum.

Incidentally I thought it spoke volumes when at the historic Champions League match last night between Apoel Nicosia and Chelsea the stadium was littered with flags from Greece as opposed to the Republic of Cyprus – and to cap it off there was a massive flag stating “CYPRUS IS GREEK”. What an awful judgement call by the Greek authorities to allow this flag to be displayed so prominently on what was effectively a world stage. Can you imagine massive banners being allowed in at Old Trafford saying UK/England is English – this stinks of xenophobia, intolerance, racism and shows just how much willingness there is to treat Turkish Cypriots as an equal on the island. You have always said you are opposed to racism and I hope you will publicly condemn this racist behaviour – maybe you can write to FIFA and lend your support to our actions on this complaint?

I would be interested to know your thoughts on the above

Fevzi Hussein
Chairperson, Embargoed!

I would encourage our supporters and fellow lobbyists to enter this debate – keep comments, constructive and completely factual at all times.

Thanking you all in advance for your help.

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