Turks to be able to enter south Cyprus without a visa?

Russians used to be able to enter south Cyprus without a visa (Editor: the Cyprus Mail article was out of date) and yet Turks have never been. Yesterday, the Turkish Foreign Minister called on the EU to allow visa-free travel for Turks on the basis that “it’s unacceptable that certain Balkan countries that are in the initial stages of the membership process and have not begun negotiations have been given the Schengen privilege, while Turkey, considering the level that Turkish-EU relations have reached, has not,” he said.

The Schengen regime allows free movement across EU borders and visa requirements in Schengen zone countries were abolished on Saturday for citizens of EU applicants Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Turkey is asking why the same does not apply to them. Cyprus is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement, implementation has been delayed until at least 2010, but it is clear that they do intend to implement this visa free system.

Perhaps one reason the Turks will not be allowed to travel through the EU without a visa could be that the EU would be uncertain of south Cyprus’ reaction to a Turk arriving at Larnaca trying to get through their border controls without one.

[1] Cyprus Mail

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