Girne court case for theft – or was it intimidation?

It started with a message on Cyprus44, “Geoff and Mary Day would be grateful for your support when Geoff appears in the Girne Criminal Court on Tuesday the 22nd December at 09:30. They are hoping that this will be their last appearance and that the Judge will deliver his decision on Friday the 25th December.”

Attached to the message was a Cyprus Today article which explained that Ahmet Rccaioğlu of Rccaioğlu Ltd construction company was taking the Geoffrey Day to court for the theft of building materials left by the builder at their home. The builder argued that he had not left them there and that they had been taken from him before he cleared their villa of his property at the end of the job. This had apparently happened 30 months previously and it was only after that period that the matter cropped up. The Days insisted that they were in exactly the same place the builder had left them.

The first time that the Days knew about this was when they arrived at Ercan airport in August 2008 expecting a restful holiday in their villa only to be arrested by the police. Geoffrey Day was kept in a squalid cell from Sunday night until Wednesday. His passport was confiscated and he was prevented from leaving the country. Strangely, when talking to the reporter, Mr Rccaioğlu talked not about the theft but instead about money he was owed by the Days, the final payment due after satisfactory “snagging”. It turns out that the Days were withholding this payment because they were not happy with the work on the villa.

Now, call me suspicious, but this whole case leaves a feeling that there was no theft but instead the items were left by the builder who then used this as a way of intimidating them. I’m sure this is not true but let’s see what the Judge thinks on Christmas Day, perhaps there will be a miracle?

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