Turkish Cypriots to allow Greek Cypriots to return to Varosha after July 1st

Rumours have appeared in the Turkish newspaper, Milliyet, stating that the ghost town Varosha was to be opened to Greek Cypriots who have been banned from the area since 1974. It is being suggested that they would be able to return to their former homes but would remain under Turkish Cypriot administration.

The TRNC Foreign Minister, Huseyin Ozgurgun, stated that after July 1, if reunification talks failed, “we will be taking a radical approach; all kinds of new measures can be expected”.

Greek Cypriot response to the rumour has been negative, and it seems that nothing short of the complete return of Varosha will please them. Some are saying that this is exactly what Turkish Cypriots were expecting and this response will be used as an excuse for further, more extreme, measures by the Turkish Cypriots.

Source: http://www.cyprus-mail.com/cyprus/turkish-cypriot-side-tight-lipped-reported-varosha-opening/20120326

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