North Cyprus Property Victims | Akfinans Bank Has Issued 3 Writs

They seek her here, they seek here, they seek that elusive Mistress Pimpernel, everywhere.

That little rhyme, a cheap take off of the original, may make you smile but the sad fact is the bank have targeted Pauline Read and will not let up until they destroy her. They have taken her villa by foul means, she has dared to speak up and show the bank in its true colours and they cannot allow that. Freedom of speech, the telling of facts as they happened, just is not to the bank’s liking and they will stop at nothing to silence her.

A little histrionic you may think, them not me. The sad fact is that the truth in this case is stranger than fiction. That it is hard to believe is indeed also a fact.

I read last night that Pauline Read has three Writs issued against her, one has been served and two are in the process of being served. How very odd that ***DELETED*** Bank who says it had to buy the K5 site back at auction and then resell the properties to satisfy their depositors should a) hang on to one of the properties for their own use, b) consider it prudent to waste the depositors money on issuing Writs against an old woman in an attempt to intimidate and silence her. I wonder if the depositors in this bank think this is a fit and proper use of their money? It is to be hoped for Pauline Read’s sake that they do not resort to more permanent ways to silence her.

It also looks as if she has decided on taking a break from the hothouse that now seems to be her life in North Cyprus. What a dreadful way for a senior to have to live her life.

The bank that victimised her by putting a mortgage on her home without her knowledge, sold her home to themselves at auction, repossessed her villa illegally without a court order, accused her of violence against them are now seeking to victimise her further. Why? because she didn’t take their unconscionable actions against her lying down. She had the temerity to speak up for herself. To fight her corner against an enemy many times her size. Foolish, maybe she is, but ask yourself this question ‘if it were you, what would you do?’

Now take the situation of Mistress Pimpernel and multiply it. The answer will give you the number of future victims, those who know they have a fraudulent mortgage on their property in North Cyprus, those who will be next if this bank succeeds. Then ask yourself, will they be as brave as Mistress Pimpernel.


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