Turkish Cypriot Tutuska property victims will be at vigil on November 14th

The Sunday following the auction of the Kulaksiz 5 properties there was by yet another auction. Sunday 13th June 2010. This time we have a builder Tutuska who used properties he had already sold as security for a personal loan. Like the builder and landowner in the Kulaksiz fiasco Tutuska reneged on his debt and the court gave his creditors the right to auction innocent victims’ property. Sound familiar; it will get more and more familiar if something is not done to stop it. The floodgates will open and all of you who know there is a mortgage on YOUR land will be facing the self same scenario.

In the case of Bariş apartments, the Tutuska built property, there was no bid, there was a lot of emotion, a lot of stress, but thankfully no bid.

There was an enormous amount of press coverage and the very next day Tutuska announced he would pay off the debt so that, for the Bariş apartment residents, should have been the end of it. Of course, it was not the end, in much the same way as he had reneged on the debt, Tutuska reneged on his promise.

As a result of the Tutuska auction I have had the pleasure of meeting Pembe; her Mum is one of the victims. Pembe and her mum are Turkish Cypriots and in common with the rest of the victims are appalled at the lack of will by the Government to address this problem. Pembe works tirelessly to help her mum and all of her mum’s neighbours and I know Pembe and some of the victims from Tutuska will be at the vigil on Sunday.

Pembe, her mum and the other victims of Tutuska will be able to legally join in the Vigil whilst we can only observe. So come on, do your bit, be the very best observer that ever drew breath.


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