Seeking Property Justice by Candlelight in Lefkoşa on 14th November

We are now on the countdown to the PROPERTY JUSTICE SILENT PEACEFUL CANDLELIT VIGIL. A Vigil that would not be necessary if we lived in a society where there was mutual respect.

In the case of Kulaksiz 5 we were cunningly deceived by a mainland Turkish builder, Abdurrahman Guney of Kulaksiz Construction Limited, and a TRNC citizen who came here to settle, I am told, with his family following the troubles, attracted by the prospect of a brighter future. They were given the land they later exchanged with the builder for three houses and, I believe, a sum of money. I do not know if the subsequent mortgage provided them with any of that money, nor do I suspect that I will ever know.

I do know that I observed the children with new bicycles, the latest model TV being delivered and other what I can only describe as luxury goods arriving at a time when there was only one income coming into the house, that of the wife who worked at a hotel near Girne centre. I do not know if they are going to be served with the same summons as the British residents of Kulaksiiz 5.

It is somewhat ironic that Yuksel Yilmaz should exchange the land with the builder for reward and then think it perfectly acceptable to profit again from the same land by using it as security to obtain a mortgage from Akfinans Bank Limited. To my mind that is a deliberate act of fraud for which there should be consequences.

Please bear in mind, Yuksel Yilmaz paid nothing for this land and in effect sold it TWICE. That shows real contempt for the kindness of the TRNC Government.

Some say it is too late to help any of us. I hope that is wrong. If it is true then I cannot see how anyone could ever trust to buy or invest in the TRNC ever again.



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