Turkish Cypriot Property Justice Vigil: TRNC Police demand change of venue

I just had a call from the Chief of the police, Mrs. Pervin Gürler. They seemed perturbed about the venue, so near the Parliament and the Turkish Embassy but she did not say anything about it directly. However all the clues were there.

On 15th November, the dignitaries lay wreaths at six points and one of them is the roundabout we planned our demonstration. so they do routine security checks of these six points a day in advance and cordon them off, thus we will not be allowed to use that particular roundabout. I asked her what type of security check because it’s all concrete but apparently not so. If she says she will cordon it off, so she will and there is nothing we can do about it legally. So she suggested we postpone the protest to some other day which I refused, then she suggested that we hold the protest up the road towards Ledra Palace on condition that we do not obstruct the road. That was no good for me because I wanted a roundabout so that there is a clear natural barrier like a road between the protesters and the observers. So I suggested the other roundabout near the Central bank and the car park and that was fine. Then I asked her for a favour to ask the police not to interfere with the observers who may carry a candle. She said that the police will not interfere however the police cameras will be recording and if they determine anything against the law they may prosecute. It was a non-committal statement.

I would say it is a matter of individual discretion whether the observers carry a lit candle or not.

So the show will be at the “Barış Anıtı” as seen here http://www.panoramio.com/photo/999390

İsmet Üstüner

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