Join Ismet Üstüner’s Vigil on Sunday 14th November at 4pm

LinksWe are attending a silent peaceful candlelit vigil rather than a noisy loud protest. We are predominately older people and in keeping with this we felt it would be more dignified to make our point this way.

Please do not think that all who face eviction from their legally bought homes are old. In the case of Bariş Apartments there are young families with young children, the parents having worked hard to afford their first home, a place to raise their children, are also having their homes ‘stolen’ from them. There will be TRNC citizens suffering the same fate alongside expatriates of all nationalities. This is not a racist problem, this is pure greed. Landowners and builders who have legitimately sold their land, then through an anomaly in the law are able to use it to secure loans and mortgages entirely without the knowledge or consent of the TRUE owners. The bewilderment in the eyes of the children, the confusion on the faces of their parents, these are things I remember from the Tutuska auction on the 13th June this year. The misery on the face of one elderly gentleman there too, he told me it was the first home he had been able to afford, he is 68 years old. No-one bid at that auction but the owners are expecting another auction date shortly.

As one of the Kulaksiz 5 (27 people) I am aware of the magnitude of the problem; another 1400 people are in the mortgage line. There are also countless thousands with other unresolved and very serious builder related problems; of every nationality.

Your Founder President Mr. Rauf Denktaş has said to me that ‘expatriates are an important asset of this country.’  I am an old woman but if I were Minister of Finance I would be protecting my country’s assets.

On Sunday 14th November 2010, between 4 – 6 p.m, Mr Ismet Üstüner will be leading a PROPERTY JUSTICE SILENT PEACEFUL CANDLELIT VIGIL at the Şehitler Abilesi roundabout at the junction of the road that houses both the Parliament building and the Turkish Embassy.

May I extend an invitation to the learned legal and academic people who have spoken out against my (Pauline Read) being denied permission to join the vigil, and to politicians of all parties who feel that this is wrong and most of all to every TRNC citizen and Turkish Cypriot to join Ismet in his Vigil. We, as foreigners, are only allowed to stand and observe from a distance.


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