TRNC Human Rights shock – Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil will never be allowed

StopI do NOT have Permission to proceed with the Peaceful, Silent Candlelit Vigil. It is now Friday, I was promised the answer as to whether I have been granted Permission by Wednesday and despite my many phone calls and phone calls made on my behalf by a Turkish Cypriot friend, I have not been told officially. So, you may wonder, how can I know. Good old Facebook; the official who had been so elusive all day Wednesday and Thursday during the working day, was tracked down on his Facebook page and he confirmed that the law did not allow it. He advised that we visit the Kaymakam for the official reasons. Now why would I waste more of my time chasing a lost cause?

Now, if the law did not allow it, why was I assisted in wording my letter of application for a Permit? Why was I taken to the District Office to hand it in? Why was I promised an answer by Wednesday? Why did I receive a phone call Sunday asking if I was going ahead with the Protest anyway on Monday 4th October – do they really think I would knowingly break the law and risk arrest and possible deportation? I am just a pensioner who has been greatly wronged by the Property sector on this island. I am not a professional protestor, nor am I a trouble maker. I just want Justice for myself and every other person who is a victim of the appalling crime.

It is interesting to note that on Sunday last, there was a rally in Trafalgar Square protesting the isolation and embargoes on this beautiful TRNC. I wholeheartedly support this cause and the right of each every Turkish Cypriot to enjoy fair treatment and the upholding of their Human Rights. All I, and every victim of the Property Scam ask, is that our Human Rights are respected too.

I am so sad to have to write this, and I wish to make it known that I attach no blame for this on the Lefkoşa Police, who I truly believe acted in innocence when trying to help me. I thank them for their efforts.

Pauline Ann Read

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