On a clear day you can see forever

Bonellis Eagle

They say on a clear day, you can see forever. Well I cannot promise you forever, but when I look from my patio and can see Turkish coastline as clearly as I can this morning, I realise there is nowhere else I would want to be.

I think of all the problems we all have and then I look at that view and I thank God for all the good things in my life. The sunsets from my patio are equally spectacular.

Tamale, the dog from next door who has adopted us as part of her extended family. Unfortunately she is a kleptomaniac and now we know that all shoes have to be kept up high. She isn’t terribly bright though, she even stole her dish we put the occasional treat in for her.

Pied Wheatear

So, what can we see on a clear day? The Bonelli’s eagles that ride on the thermals over our home; the Bee Eaters who give us such a magnificent show early morning and late evening whilst passing through. The Pied Wheatears who just sit and watch us from the fence and of course, I cannot forget Ollie our chimney visitor who still comes to see us, the Scops Owl.

I cannot say I am overjoyed at the appearance of the occasional snake, but hey they have been here a lot longer than us and there is room for us all. Hissing Sid, I am sure you will understand that I give you a wide berth. They haven’t found a way of charging us for this yet, and until they do, I am here to stay. Isn’t it good to be alive!

Pauline Read

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