TRNC Akfinans Bank charges £600pm rent for ex-pats to live in their own condemned villa

A (not so) distant stormAs I lay in bed last night listening to the wind howling, the rain torrenting down and the lightning illuminating the room, my thoughts went out to my former neighbours in Karşiyaka.   I thanked God that at least I didn’t have to breathe the spore laden air of my villa on Kulaksiz 5 and running around with buckets to catch the water as it poured in through the wardrobes and over the windows.   I realises how selfish I was being and my thoughts then moved on to my former neighbours and fellow members of Kulaksiz  5.

Added to the problems of the storm last night would most certainly have foist upon  my neighbour directly next door who has polythene on his roof to try to stem the penetration of water, were the huge cracks, an obvious sign of subsidence.  The front end of his home having been condemned as being unsafe and thus reducing the living space to under half of the villa.  Can you imagine how they must feel.  Can you imagine how all the residents at Kulaksiz 5 must feel with a future that holds only the prospect of spending what little money they have on legal fees in a quest to try to hang on to a home that is almost unfit for human habitation, but it is all they have in the world, for now.

Can you further imagine how it must feel, at their time in life to live that way?  Add to that the constant fear of the knock on the door that could bring the Writ that is the start of the long legal process to attempt to evict them.  Then add to that the demand by Akfinans Bank Limited that they pay £600 per month to live that way, in a home that they have paid for with a lifetime of work and struggle, their dream of a better tomorrow now lies in tatters thanks to the greed of Abdurrahman Guney, Yuksel Yilmaz and Akfinans Bank Limited.

There is no help coming.  To kid myself otherwise would really make me the ‘delusional’  woman Akan Kursat has in the past suggested I am.   The only help, if it comes, will be from the ECHR.   The Committee led by Turkey, we all pinned our hopes on, has not materialised, the five Wise Men were only in existence for a short  time.

If, or should I say when, Akfinans get their hands on Kulaksiz 5, the rest of the Banks will follow suit, who is going to stop them?  The other  1400 home owners waiting for the axe to fall, will then experience the same fate.

The legal system here cannot or will not help.  TRNC is made up of good men and women, who for the main part are unaware of what is happening to these elderly frail guests in their country, and those that are aware have voiced their shame at the treatment being meted out to them but onj the whole no one seems to care.

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