in Cyprus Today – 11/12/2010

Tickets valid for new CTA – TRNC’s Transport Minister has made a promise, Cyprus Today alleges, that when the new National Carrier is launched next year all those with unfilled tickets will be issued replacements. Tickets will be valid until the end of 2011. Editor: that should fill up the 3 planes with non-fare-paying passengers over the Summer and would soon exhaust the £15m capital invested in the company, surely?

Agreement reached over new national airline – a “good intention” agreement  has been reached. The airline will have only 3 planes.

Sky Airlines ‘granted Ercan permission’ – after the airline claimed they had been refused permission to put on flights to the UK because the new national airline was being launched next year. Editor: as the new National Carrier will be honouring old tickets other airlines will be needed to carry fare paying passengers.

UK firm to sue over CTA closure – UK CTA employees are suing the TRNC government for illegally sacking them.

Online disruption – no internet on Sunday from 6am-8pm while work is being done to Girne-Lefkosa fibre-optic

Patient’s 103,000TL bill – an ex-pat has received bills of 170,000TL (£71,500) for treatment at the private Near East University Hospital following a heart attack on October 11th. In the end Mr Grainger was airlifted to the UK for an emergency operation at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Temperatures to plummet – to 12oC and with strong winds and thundery rain.

Water supplies may be at critical levels – because of the driest November in 110 years. Editor: looks like December might reverse that.

The real Cyprus problem by Tom Roche – only after İrsen Küçük was return as Prime Minister did he promise to focus on serving the country. To help the PM, Tom points at the rubbish heaps that confront tourists and the TRNC’s appalling traffic safety record as a couple of issues needing his focus.

Letters – Lord Maginnis of Drumglass accuses Cyprus Today of mounting a campaign against him by repeating statements published in Cyprus Today on December 13th 2008 in which he was allegedly negative towards the plight of home buyers in the TRNC

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