The Wise Monkeys still not preventing evil in the TRNC


You have to say, the more things change the more they definitely stay the same.

As far as property victims are concerned the only victims who have been successful with their problems are those who self helped or those helped by pressure groups and who often have to pay far more than the Contract price to achieve success. The Government has done nothing.

Reading on the front of Cyprus Today it seems that Mr Hasan Sungur Head of the Estate Agents Union has judged the market and the fear factor of potential buyers absolutely correctly and identified the right reasons for the lack of confidence in the market.

Then we look at what the Finance Minister Ersin Tatar has to say, he has gone off at a tangent and brought the Orams case into the debacle, citing that with the ECHR advising claimants to go to the IPC, another Orams-like situation cannot occur. Well Mr Tatar, most of us have understood that point and as existing victims find it as much use to us a chocolate fire guard.

Now whether Mr Tatar is being deliberately obtuse or has really missed the point, I have no way of knowing. Whilst we are on the subject of the Orams, why is the Government allowing the Lapta Municipality to treat them so appallingly by demanding taxes on a house they could be imprisoned in the UK for using?

At the time Pauline Read wrote to the Minister of Finance (no reply ever received) Mr Sungur was citing the Orams case as a the potential reason for lack of confidence. Much water has passed under the bridge since then and now Mr Sungur rightly sees the ‘real’ reasons. The 5th columnists as Pauline Read described them back on the 11th May 2009 have wreaked havoc much as she predicted they would. So Mr Tatar, the real reason no one trusts to buy in the TRNC is staring you in the face. People like the Kulaksiz 5, Aga victims, Tutuska victims, Sercem victims, Olive Grove victims, Boyut victims, Armacon victims, Santa Fe victims and many, many more.

They did not listen, they did not know how but perhaps they’ll listen now.

Now Mr Tatar, can you really not see why no one trusts the TRNC Property Market and the reason is that the Government talks the talk but does not walk the walk. If words solved problems then you would be problem free so, instead of useless words, let’s see some action and let’s see it NOW!

It is rumoured, although never verified in any news media, that Mr Tatar intends to give foreigners their 3% discount (once only) on transfer of title. Hands up those who thought taking it away in the first place, in a very depressed market, was not a good move? Then compound that action by allowing Turkish Cypriots to keep the discount. Now anyone can work out that, that is racist. However when Ms Read questioned him on this, his reply was ‘you bought cheap’. Well Mr Finance Minister I would have thought even you could have worked out the obvious answer to that one, so did the Turkish Cypriots.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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