Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group wants you!

Every time I go to the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group, I get a little tingle of excitement to see the membership has grown yet again. When John Good started this Facebook Group, I doubt even he would have expected it to take off as quickly and comprehensively as it has. It proves, what I have always known, that people can only be pushed so far, then they rebel against the pushing, they reject the treatment they are receiving, they stand up and they are counted. The count so far is 551 members; ordinary men and women who say to the corrupt builders, the overbearing banks and the toothless Government, ‘we have had enough’, the time for change is now.

The corruption in the TRNC goes way deeper than just the property market. I have heard so many stories of people who have tried to start a business, which would bring much need employment and revenue to the TRNC, being harassed, tied up in red tape, having to pay backhanders for permits which are their legal right. How can any business survive when so many hands are going into their coffers, the legal and the illegal.

The treatment of Turkish Cypriots who have lived or grown up in other countries is so indifferent too, and yet I have observed such patriotism from these British/Australian/American/Bulgarian and other nationality Turkish Cypriots that is extraordinary. Instead of embracing their own people and using their skills some of the home grown TRNC Turkish Cypriots appear to resent them and indeed treat them as if they were foreigners.

The time has come for all Turkish Cypriots to unite with those of us who, although we cannot claim one drop of Turkish Cypriot blood, still love this country as if it were our own. This includes organisations such as Embargoed!, the human rights group who lobby at any given opportunity to enhance the lot of all Turkish Cypriots. The ATCA lobby from a different perspective, the one unifying factor, the love of the TRNC.

The one thing we all have in common is that we want a healthy vibrant, corruption free TRNC. Together we can make it happen.

The question now is how to use this new group to enable all property scam victims receive justice. Do we, for instance, need some sort of steering committee? How do we get our message across to the Government in a tangible and cogent fashion? What expertise do we have amongst our membership and are those with such expertise prepared to take on more responsibility?

I am throwing this out to the membership in the hope of some feedback. Please do not think I am pressurising you, if you are happier just being a member and do not want to advance from there, that is fine, we are happy that you are a member and would not want to frighten you away.

If however, you feel willing and able to offer more, please respond to this.

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