First we annihilate our Tourism and now Education is firmly in the sights too!

Many Turkish Cypriots have called this already! People said our Universities will be under attack next. First Tourism was annihilated by our own governments, now DAU is under attack. An establishment in Turkey has its eyes on it. There is a consortium of TCs who want to make sure it stays in our hands, but it is not looking good. The current government naively lowered fees for the natives so much that there is simply not enough money coming in for the University to remain feasible!

I am quite frankly sick to the back teeth of all this self-destruction which is going on. Apart from the odd exception, every story to come out of the North appears to be fuelled by someone’s self-greed or a completely flawed logic. I cannot see how these decisions benefit the masses. The horrible word TORPIL has seen far too many taken on at the airline – we all know that votes for jobs goes on – well now it has cost us our national carrier. And to top it off our Universities are next in the sniper’s scope. The current lot promised to lower fees for the natives in North Cyprus – this election pledge was kept and no doubt pleased those people who wanted to see lower University fees? However, the shockingly short-sightedness of those politicians have now placed the long term future of the University at risk, along with the hundreds of people employed by this excellent institution. Or was it part of a deliberate strategy to bring more power to Turkey? Irrespective of whether this is true or not, this is how many Turkish Cypriots feel.

Dogu Akdeniz Universiti is a brilliant University with amazing facilities. This is looking like the latest chapter of yet another home-made disaster. I hope I am wrong. I don’t know about you but I had every dream about returning to Cyprus to be with my cousins and the village of Galatya I love so dearly. But, unless things change drastically for the good, there is as much chance of me returning back to live in North Cyprus as there is of Swansea winning the Premier League this year [sorry Jack fans].

What do you think?

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