Review of ‘Drive Time with Fevzi and Canan’ radio programme

That the heavens should have opened in such dramatic fashion here in the TRNC last night, is somehow appropriate. If I were prophetic I could almost take it as a comment from ‘above’.

Fevzi Hussein’s programme ‘Drive Time with Fevzi and Canan’ was, in my opinion, excellent. Fevzi presented a true and balanced picture of the Property Market here in the TRNC and pointed out that yes there are good builders here in the TRNC and that we all know who they are NOW but we all wish we had known who they were prior to purchasing. I will point out, though, that one who I consider to be the best has also fallen foul of the Permission to Purchase regulations. There is a very prestigious development built by him where five years on ex pats cannot, under the present system, receive their permissions because it is too near an army camp. The Builder presumably knew of this rule, the selling agent should have known of this rule, the Advocates knew of this rule. The only people who could not know of this rule are the purchasers, they know now – but now that it is too late. They can sell on, but their market is restricted to Turkish Cypriots unless they do to other ex pats, that which was done to them.

Olive Grove was well represented on the programme, they have a mortgage on their properties taken out fraudulently by their builders with a government owned bank. The bank steadfastly refuses to speak to the victims and the government are allowing these shenanigans to continue. Who do these Banks think they are? As one contributor to the programme pointed out, it is legalised theft, pure and simple. Laws that do not protect the innocent from these sort of high handed actions need changing immediately. The same contributor pointed out that in the U.K. such actions would be seen for what they are, fraud, and would be dealt with by police action and prosecution. There is obvious collusion taking place because of the alleged close relationships here being covered up. Unless something is done, any credibility is lost.

There could have been a more widespread coverage of all the property problems but by and large a lot was covered. The anathema of purchasers being doubly penalised by having a rogue builder and then paying for the builder’s sins by being charged ‘builder’s rates ‘ for electricity and also having to support the ‘cottage industry’ of tankered water could so easily be dealt with by a competent Government who cared.

That any aggrieved purchaser is forced to look outside the TRNC for justice is an indictment on the current Government. Kulakisiz 5 are looking to the ECHR in Strasbourg and allegedly ABAG are looking to the USA. In a country that cares, looking outside for Justice, would not be necessary.

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