Both the Cyprus44s are having problems

Over the last few days there have been a few criticisms on message board aimed at The main criticism was that this fledgling website was supposed to be up and running on the 3rd January but so far has only displayed a page of information which has been there from the start. Coincidently, I’m sure, over the last few hours the website has been having problems loading. was apparently set up in response to allowing anonymous members to insult other members, a few of whom as gone on to set up the ill-defined website. It was not that long ago that Greek Cypriots were blamed for attacking and the website collected a considerable amount of donations from members in order to protect the site from further attacks. This does not seem to have worked.

A test using at 17:20 GMT showed an error, confirming the website was having a problem but this seemed to have been sorted by 17:50 GMT.

[Editor – seems like just a temporary glitch Dominic, mind you seems to be doing nothing. What’s that all about?]

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