Property victim Conor O’Dwyer arrested in south Cyprus for allegedly swearing

These statements are taken from the Paphos People Forum and quoted verbatim from “Michaela”‘s post:

“This morning we went to the court for the official dismissal of the case.

We had an uncomfortable feeling that something was going to happen.

After the dismissal of the case, as we left the court room and headed for the stairs we were stopped by two police officers who asked us to come back.

Conor asked if we were being arrested and that if not we would like to leave the building. We were escorted back into the main area.

We were taken to the prosecutors office where we were told to wait. They would not tell us what we were there for.

Conor called Yiannos our lawyer who told him that if he was not under arrest he should leave.

Conor tried to leave but was physically prevented from leaving by a police officer and detained.

He was denied further access to his lawyer and moved to the cell area.

When I tried to communicate with Conor I was told in no uncertain terms to go away and sit down.

Conors treatment by the police officers in question was far from gentle.

I was alone and afraid for Conors safety. I called Tom (RW) he came to the court with his wife and we tried to find out what was happening.

The frightening thing for me at this time was that Conor was being detained in custody without reason or explanation.

Shortly after this a large number of police officers descended upon the cell area and Conor was taken in handcuffs to Paralimni Police Station.

We immediately went to the police station with a Cypriot friend. On the way there Conor called me and said that he had been in touch with Yiannos who had been in touch with the AGs office and had made a complaint about this situation at the highest level.

Tom and I were allowed to see Conor and he was well and in good spirits.

Conor told us that he had been read the charge against him and as far as he could make out he had been charged with public insult………….

The duty officer at the police station made it clear that he knew nothing about the charges or the case and had simply been told to detain Conor.

Further to this we were told that the investigating officer would be attending the police station but we were given no idea as to when this would be.

Conor’s personal effects were removed when he was arrested and he asked if I would be allowed to take his wedding ring, which I did.

After a short discussion with Conor we left the police station and headed off to assess the situation and make further phone calls.

Shortly thereafter we spoke with Yiannos who informed me that he had contacted the High Commission and the media. Yiannos is as outraged as we are at this situation.

As I write this I have just received a telephone call from Conor to say he is being released and a call from Yiannos confirming his release. Some of our friends have gone to the police station to pick him up.

I’m sure Conor after gathering his thoughts will elaborate more on the whole experience.

Today again we experienced the Attorney General’s “justice for all”.”

This account was confirmed by Conor:

“Conor here,

I was released from Paralimni Police station after around 3 hours and almost as Michaela’s post went live but had to wait for pick up.

A few things about yesterday.

From 7.30am till after midday Michaela and I were wearing professional wireless radio mics from ITV. We had two professional High Def broadcast quality cameras pointing at us. The Police at Nicosia and Famagusta District knew about yesterday in advance. When we turned up at Karayiannas’ office there were around 5 CID officers present. ITV filmed Christoforos Karayiannas’ rage at the police. At all times Christoforos Karayiannas was in the company of a Police officer.

With all this in mind. The local Police just charged me with Public Insult/Assault for banner and Public Insult/Assault for shouting “You B*****d” “You Criminal!”

This is a total fabrication, If I had made a verbal assault I would have been immediately arrested by any of the officers in attendance. This is the reason why you/I have to record EVERTHING you do.

Its unbelievable. ITV will be further astounded.

While waiting in the court this morning I sensed something untoward was unfolding. I told the judge before leaving the dock that I fear for my safety. Michaela has accurately posted the rest of the events.

I believe this case/false arrest will go no further. I will be back with the same sign, on the same spot on my next trip and every trip thereafter.”


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