Kulaksiz 5 – the problem has not gone away even if the promised solutions have

3D Character and Question MarkTwo things have happened recently that gave me a little jolt. The first, when a Turkish Cypriot lady asked me how I was, I had been quite poorly but confirmed to her that I was feeling a lot better and added that the ‘stress’ did not help. She quickly responded that, it was good then that it was all settled and I no longer had that stress.

I quickly put her right, nothing has been settled, and in my opinion, will not be settled in the foreseeable future. Looking at it from her point of view I can perhaps understand why she believed it had been settled. All the newspapers are studiously avoiding mention of any of the Property problems, and I include in that the English speaking press too. Even Cyprus Today appears to be under instruction not to mention the problems. Am I being paranoid, I think not. There was a proposal to do a follow up story which was mysteriously cancelled and no future date given. If it is not in the public eye, it will be forgotten and I really believed this could now be the policy of this and other newspapers. State intervention, who knows, I certainly could not say one way or the other.

Material has been sent to the paper trying to correct the misinformation printed, that Akfinans Bank actually parted with money, i.e. 2,077,000TL to buy K5; well yes, they did write a cheque, but even elementary arithmetic tells you that if you are both the BUYER and the SELLER, it actually costs you nothing. The 250% interest rate allegedly initially applied by Akfinans was reduced to 80% per quarter compound by the courts when the repossession court order was won in November 2008, which explains how approximately 104,000TL turned into a whopping 2,077,000TL at the time of the auction.

The second thing came to me as I was tidying up some of the newspaper cuttings I have been keeping over this period. The headlines were promises of help made and then broken. It was a very sobering trip down memory lane and I really cannot believe so many ‘bad’ things can have happened in such a short time span.

I have been through every emotion imaginable during this time, from disbelief, I really never believed the Goverment would allow the auction. Amazement, that we were somehow cast in the role of the villain by the Bank. False hope, that the 5 Wisemen Committee would start by sorting out K5 and then move on to the other victims or that a Committee of totally independent people, i.e 2 Turkish Ambassadors, Lord Maginnis and someone from Ankara would look at these injustices, these hopes were cruelly dashed.

I am now totally disillusioned and really fear that everyone in the mortgage queue will have to negotiate their own solution, and sadly there will be no help, and even more sadly, they could ALL lose their homes. I hope I am wrong.

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