Product labelling – “made in the occupied areas”?

potatoSouth Cyprus politician, Lefteris Christoforou has tabled the bill that would “stop the uncontrolled and arbitrary trade of products originating in the occupied areas or Turkey or other countries that move in the Cypriot market without having labels or carrying their place of origin,” reports Cyprus Mail.

The idea is that agricultural products will be labelled with their place of origin, name of producer and name of packager so that “Cypriot consumers are fully informed and at the same time Cypriot producers know that their product is not mixed or sold with a different identity.”

“My worry is how to inform Cypriot consumers that this tomato comes from the occupied areas and Turkey,” Angelos Votsis was quoted as saying.

You begin to wonder why the issue is even being discussed considering that the bill would need approval from the EU  and they have always been negative towards such ideas. The only product the law could be applied to would be potatoes because they are not covered by the relevant EU directives and then if the EU accepts the law it would only concern local products and not imported ones.

It seems that even south Cyprus politicians are shying away from this questionable bill and can see it for what it appears to be; an attempt to stigmatise food from north Cyprus or Turkey.

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