Levant Bistro, Karmi – now that’s what I call customer service!

capaccinoIt all started with a Cyprus44 bulletin board comment:

“Went to Karmi today with friends, what a lovely quaint village, one could just as easily be in a village in Kent or Yorkshire. Called at an eatery for a coffee, was delicious(Cappuchino) in small cup and a piece of cake for 3 persons, then we decide to have another coffee. Total bill 54 TL ouch!!! Cake was 5tl each which made it 6.5 lira per cup of coffee. Oh well, the view was priceless.”

Although the restaurant was not identified in the original post and the criticism was mild, there being only one restaurant in the village it soon became clear that the writer was referring to Levant Bistro. In the majority of the criticisms on this board, after the usual indignant responses, the matter closes and yet another local business has their reputation sullied. But this was not the case, the astute owner of the Bistro saw that he had a dissatisfied customer and immediately investigated. It only took him a few hours to discover the problem and respond with an explanation and a remedy.

“Very sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience at (I’ll assume) the Levant! The price of our coffee (using freshly ground, imported Italian beans) is 4 TL and a cappuccino is 5 TL. Please accept our apologies if an error was made in your bill and let us make it up to you. Please try us again and have a free cappuccino and cake on us.”

Now that’s what I call customer service!

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