Orams appeal against the Apostolides appeal rejected – 31/3/2010

The British Supreme Court Wednesday rejected Linda and David Orams’ appeal against the ruling of the British Court of Appeal in the case of Apostolides’ appeal…

This news was not unexpected, especially as the original case was launched before the ECHR declared that the Immovable Property Commission was now the only route for solving property problems in Cyprus, apart from waiting for a political settlement. I notice that today’s “self-styled” Famagusta Gazette online calls the IPC  the “self-styled immovable property commission.”

Apostolides’ “self-styled” lawyer, Constantis Kantounas, a great fan of the IPC, is quoted as saying that the  UK Supreme Court decision:

“proves that similar cases like the Apostolides case are not influenced in any way by the recent decision of the European Court of Humans Rights (ECHR), which said that a self-styled immovable property commission in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus constitutes an effective domestic remedy which Greek Cypriots must exhaust before resorting to the ECHR.”

It would be interesting to see who takes note of his beliefs and steps up to challenge the ECHR ruling. The Orams so far have not complied with the Court ruling to demolish the house and pay compensation and so “a decree was issued by the Court which stipulates that property owned by the Orams in Britain is to be charged.”

Now hold on, the Orams’ property had not been charged before this date. Doesn’t this mean that they could legally have taken out a huge mortgage on it and taken the money to north Cyprus where they lost it playing roulette? Only joking. Seriously though, who is going to pay Apostolides reputed £1m legal bill? What if the Orams are bankrupt? Until Apostilides gets his legal expenses paid I doubt that anyone is going to even contemplate taking out a similar case.

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