Direct Trade Regulation for North Cyprus – ATCA’s response

ATCA UK’s direct response on the news this week that the European Commission has sent a draft regulation to the European Parliament relating to direct trade with the Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus. Cetin Ramadan, Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad (ATCA) – UK Representative said:

“ATCA represents thousands of Turkish Cypriots worldwide and on their behalf we would like to say that the new proposal for the Direct Trade Regulation is a red herring aimed at distorting and meddling in the Presidential election in the TRNC.

Any unconditional lifting of the unjust embargoes on the Turkish Cypriots would be more than welcome but a threat or a promise to make such provisions seems highly and suspiciously coincidental given the run up to the elections.

We hope that the Turkish Cypriot people see through this empty gesture and make note of what happened after the Annan Plan – absolutely nothing! The unconditional promise of direct trade amounted to pure rhetoric on behalf of the EU and we fear that the same in this instance. These are mere empty gestures that have no substance and legal basis and are purposefully misinforming the Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish Cypriots have endured embargoes and isolation since 1963 and we doubt very much if this will change overnight”.

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