[OPINION] Will Turkish Kulaksiz 5 victims be given preferential treatment?

Despite the fact that the Turkish family of Yuksel Yilmaz are purported to be going to be treated in the same manner as the expatriates on Kulaksiz 5 they seem not to be making any attempt to draw attention to their plight. As the one member of Kulaksiz 5 who has already had her villa seized in a totally unlawful, and wholly unnecessary, very public and violent manner I must admit that their behaviour puzzles me greatly.

It has to be noted that one of the families did attend the Auction in June this year and no-one will forget the sight of Osman being taken away on a stretcher; but since then, nothing. They were invited to join the Vigil and although two people I know to be friends of theirs did attend, not a sign of the Turkish ‘victims’. You could argue that they are as entitled to be suffering from HISS too, and this could very well be the reason.

The number of Turkish victims is 10, yet not even one made it to the Vigil. You would also think that maybe they would be doing something to highlight their problem. Just after the Auction I saw Osman and his wife in the offices of Kıbrıs Star and we all remember the very moving story where Hattice disowned her brother Yuksel Yilmaz. At that point I was quite convinced that all the residents of Kulaksiz 5 were being treated the same. Now I am not so sure.

Why now am I highlighting this subject? The answer is very simple. If the Turkish families are not going to be facing the same legal threats of eviction and are not facing the same intimidatory practises as the English pensioners, then perhaps it is because they are not going to lose their homes. If this is the case, then surely it would be proof positive that this whole scenario was a scam and that Yuksel Yilmaz was in on it from day one as we have alleged from the very beginning.

The question I pose is this to AKFINANS BANK LIMITED and AKAN KURSAT:  ‘are ALL residents of Kulaksiz 5 on the list to receive writs of intended legal action to start the eviction process?’ If the answer is yes then all my suspicions are unfounded and I will apologise. If the answer is no, then asking why, on the day that the rest of Kulaksiz 5 are evicted, will be a tad too late.

Oh and one very relevant last question. Why was I not afforded the courtesy of receiving a writ and using due process like the rest of the English pensioners, a little late to ask maybe, nonetheless a valid question?

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